• Outdoor Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture and Lighting Selection
  • Art Direction
  • Municipality Permits

Architecture is a canvas for light and without light, architecture remains expressionless. Through spatial orientation, volumes, openings, closures and surfaces, architecture gives light the matter it needs to be expressive. If we consider architecture as a means of harnessing light, and if we remember light’s essential role in human well-being, we can design atmospheric spaces that please body and mind.

Outdoor Design

Transform your surroundings with our outdoor design service. Elevate spaces into captivating environments that blend nature's charm with functional elegance, creating a seamless connection to the outdoors.

Interior Design

Embracing minimalism, our Interior design projects revive tactile experiences in spaces. We capture design essence, crafting areas that echo human yearnings for belonging, autonomy, and identity. Mastery lies in harmonizing form and function, uniting beauty and practicality.

Furniture and Lighting Selection

Selecting furniture and lighting is pivotal for ambiance and functionality. Thoughtful choices enhance aesthetics, create mood, and optimize usability in spaces.

Art Direction

MavLab excels in comprehensive art direction for architectural projects. We orchestrate visual cohesion, ensuring design elements align with the project's vision, enhancing aesthetics and creating a captivating narrative.

Municipality permits

We handle all aspects of obtaining Municipality permits for our architectural projects. From documentation to liaising with authorities, we ensure a seamless process, saving you time and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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